If you don’t have direction, you have nothing to aim for. Without a target, you are shooting blanks into the wind. Real desires are solid, not nebulous and vague. How can you hope to achieve if you have nothing to shoot for?

Be definite! Set well-defined goals. As you do, you will discover a map to a better life. It doesn’t matter if these goals are small, at first. They are still goals, and when you achieve them, you can move onto the next one with a sense of confidence.

Set an achievable goal, today, and relish journeying toward your destination!

Real happiness does not come from the fulfillment of every desire. You can chase an endless chain of wishes and desires, and still manage to be unhappy.

So how and when does happiness come? It comes, quite simply, when you allow it.

Though your life may be filled with challenges and difficulties, still you can be genuinely happy. Whether you are close to reaching your goals, or far away, or already beyond them, real happiness is always close at hand.

The world and its culture may convince you that you need this or that in order to find happiness. Yet in truth, you need nothing other than to let it be.

Instead of waiting or longing or searching for a reason to be happy, create for yourself a way to be happy. Something as simple as a smile can get you started, and that’s something you can do right now.

Let go of the notion that you must grasp for or struggle to attain happiness, and simply let it be. That can instantly make all the difference in the world.