Google Buzz is finally available to the everyone. It sits just below the Inbox link in your GMail. Google really has provided another great service. While my office heavily restricts Facebook, I can have another way of communication with my friends through Google Buzz. It typically works the same way as it does in Twitter and Facebook where you just a message and anyone following you will be able to see it.

But it also has other features like your followers being able to comment or like and if that happens, that entry in your Inbox will appear as it is like an email but a Google Buzz icon will be displayed on the far right (same as as the attachment icon is located).

There is one feature that I did not like though. The find people feature will not dynamically reveal the information of the email address that you typed in the text field. You would have to click on the ADD button in order for the information to be updated. Plus, I still have to figure out what the “search profiles” and “contacts” are really for.

Other than that, I was typically happy that you can include sites like Flickr, Twitter and any site (like my blogs) that uses the Google Friend Connect widget to show updates on any new posts.

Google Buzz was just released to the public so there are bound to be unsatisfied reactions from users. But so far so good. What do you think?