Gautham Menon has come out with a love story that would catch
youthful college students who might have failed in their love !! Its a good attempt but
the movie is little bit confusing than convincing on characterization (esp Trisha).
Simbu has done a descent role, not his usual heroics and a good relief for the audience. It
also questions why he is wasting his talents ? Trisha was also neat.

The same dialogues were repeated many a times within the movie where it annoys
the audience. The continuation of english dialogues does exist here. Some decent comedy
in the first half, where he criticizes himself with a statement “dont join gautham menon,
he takes two years and will use only english dialgoues…”

Love at first sight is continued in this movie and its inevitable to have a comparison
with Suryas expression in Vaaranam Aayiram (when he meets Sameera). AR Rahman music
is good. Cinematography is excellent. Some descent fine tunings would have made
a very good love stroy.

Gautham Memon likes to show his heroines in a good job / highly educated say Reema Sen was working
in Ford, Jyothika a Maths teacher from IIT Madras, Sameera a REC gold medalist and here Trisha working
in Polaris after MCA. His heroes if not police officer, they are Mechanical engineers but prefer to do their
own interest (probably self impact ?)

Movie has two different endings(Telugu and Tamil differs)….guess Tamil ending is more apt…but could have
more interesting.