Hmm.. what an experience. Got an invite from Indiblogger for the Blogger meet in Chennai sponsored by Univercell. Immediately registered for the event. The day came. Reached the spot 15 minutes before, but confused about which hall. Since they just mentioned GRT Grand, but there are two nearby. Paused a little moment had a tea from the opposite shop and observed for a while and have seen few guys moving in. Fixed the venue and went inside. OMG, I didn’t expect this much crowd that they have formed a Q to register.  Surprised to see my colleague in the organizing committee.

At last they started with a Hitler movie fun filled followed by the 30 secs fame

Almost the session was full of fun, few tamil bloggers, some came from Pondichery, college students and to my surprise there was a blogger from New Zealand also. Next is the event like mingling session, where they have a chart to give a hint about ourselves and to get comments from the fellow bloggers. Received the comments, tweeter tags, blogger ids and many.

Slowly the event heaten up with the debate topic “Social Media and Traditional Media”. A media person from Zee Tamil expressed his views on the conflicts between these two media. All of the above he fully spoke in Tamil and made the fellow Bloggers who raise Qns also to ask in Tamil J

There was a special announcement especially for Tech bloggers from Univercell, like a contest for review of the new mobile phone models. Those who will win the contest can write for the Official Univercel Blog.

The event almost ended and the end had a nice Coffee with cutlet. And as they promised they gave a T-shirt also as a Gift.

Had a experience mingling with the Bloggers from Chennai and evidenced that there are bloggers aged above 50 also!!!

Eagerly waiting for the next event!!!